For the successful completion of Nenmara Vela, Policemen led by Nenmara CI, conducted animal sacrifice at Temple

The policemen sacrificed a goat and conducted puja at the temple. The policemen conducted the animal sacrifice as an offering for the trouble-free completion of the Nenmara Vela.

Locals said the policemen used to conduct the animal sacrifice every year. Even though there were helpers to slaughter the goat and cook the meat, the puja rituals were conducted by the policemen themselves.

The Nenmara CI and other policemen reached the place after the goat was slaughtered and cooked. After praying at the temple, the policemen ate the cooked meat and left the place. The policemen in mufti who brought the goat and necessary items for cooking the meat. The policemen secretly admitted that they used to conduct animal sacrifice every year on the hassle-free completion of the Nenmara Vela.

Locals said that the animal sacrifice is being conducted at the Temple on every Sundays and Fridays. The Palakkad SP has issued directions to take action against the policemen who participated in the animal sacrifice.

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