Flood took away Young Athlete hard earned achievement

Ananthu Vijayan overcame several hurdles in life with his achievements in sports. However, when the worst floods in a century engulfed his house, he was helpless.

Ananthu’s house was mortgaged and his father was sick. But a resolute Ananthu ensured that the loan was paid back. The floods came two-and-a half months after he received the title deeds of the house.

A swollen Pampa river submerged the house, Ananthu Nivas, at Ulloorchira. The roof was also damaged after a rescue boat rammed it. The boat had reached the spot to save the people trapped in a two-storey house nearby.

When water began entering the house on August 15, Ananthu was away at the sports hostel in Vennikkulam. He rushed to the house and found that the water was knee-deep. Ananthu shifted his parents to a nearby relief camp. Though he tried to return to his house, the entire property had submerged by then. All that remained in his possession was the dress he wore.

Ananthu gained access to his house only 16 days later. By that time, around 30 of his medals were swept away by the flood waters. They included the first state-level medal he won as an eighth standard student and six national medals. Mud had destroyed his certificates and the title deed of the house.

Meanwhile, the sports hostel Ananthu stayed had also flooded , destroying his sports equipments and clothes.

With athletic talent his only remaining asset, this promising athlete is staring at a hurdle which he does not know how to clear.

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