First time in last four years; Catch the Full view of Jog waterfalls

India’s tallest waterfall, Jog Falls, was in full flow owing to the heavy rains in the state and the subsequent discharge of water from the Linganamakki reservoir.

The waterfall, located downstream of the reservoir where the Sharavathi river takes a plunge from a height of about 830 feet, faced visitors in spite of the heavy rains as tourists and residents sought to catch a glimpse of the waterfall in all its glory.

The authorities opened nine of the eleven gates of the Linganamakki reservoir after the water level was reported at 1815 feet, dangerously close to the reservoir limit of 1819 feet. Since the construction of the reservoir in 1964, the dam has reached full level on only 13 occasions and the last time this happened was four years ago in 2014.

The water drops in four distinct falls, named Raja, Rocket, Roarer and Rani.

Visitors thronged the viewpoint, built on the bottom of the hill opposite to the falls, on Tuesday, and images of the falls in full flow were widely shared on social media.

Other dams in the district including the Bhadra dam where the water level was reported to be at 184 feet, dangerously close to the maximum limit of 186 feet, and the Thunga dam, which was reportedly at its maximum limit of 588.24 feet, have also attracted visitors during this monsoon season.

Heavy rains lashed Shivamogga district in the last two days with an average of 104.2 mm rain reported in the district on Tuesday. Neighboring district Udupi received 184 mm average rainfall with few places including Kundapura receiving over 223 mm of rainfall.

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