5000 farmers from Gujarat sent letter to Narendra Modi seeking permission to Suicide

More than 5000 farmers have sent letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Roopani for seeking permission. Letter was sent as protest against the accusation of their land by the government.

“5259 people from 12 Villages have signed in the letter. We protest against the Gujarat government and Gujarat power corporation Ltd who captured our farming land. “said Gujarat kedar samaj leader Narendra Singh Gohil. Bhagvan Nagar.

collector Harshad Patel said that the farmers sent same letter to thehim also. Farmers said that the government and GPCL have thrown them from their land with the help of police. They also said that they don’t have any other way other than to die. According to the land accusation act of 2013 GPCL can’t capture the land. It is against the law says farmers who have lost the land.

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