Department of Agriculture might come up with vegetable parks for Kerala

Kochi: The Department of Agriculture Development and Farmer’s Welfare is in a mission to come up with coconut, banana, mango, honey and vegetable parks across the State. The project which has been allocated with Rs. 100 crore would be implemented under the scheme of Kerala Infrastructural Investment Fund Board (KIIFB).

Banana, honey and coconut parks would be opened at the initial phase. Two coconut parks would be opened in Kozhikode district and the banana and honey parks would be opened in Thrissur district respectively. The parks would be functioning under Kerala Agro Industries Ltd (KAIC) reportedly.

As part of the second phase of the project aiming production and distribution of value added products, a mango park would be introduced at Muthalamada located in Palakkad and a vegetable park at Vattavada in Idukki district. These ambitious projects would be functioning with the active participation of farmers across the State as all kind of facilities would be ensured for farmers in order to ensure necessary value added products from their crops.

The project has been designed in a way which helps the planters to attain profit and also to ensure the availability of refined products in the market. Timely maintenance of agricultural products would also be considered with due importance.

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