To resolve water scarcity at Parappanangadi Councillor digs well

ET Subramanian, a municipal councillor, dared to dig a well in his division to solve water scarcity. When the contractor stopped the work without completing it, he took the shovels to complete the work before monsoon.

Without seeking help of anyone, this public representative vowed to dig the well. With his daring act, he turned an epitome of public representative and reminded others the role of an elected member in democracy.

People at ST colony in fifth division of Parappanangadi municipality has been facing water scarcity for many years. Water in the wells turned yellow and it contain high quantity of iron content.

Hence, natives in the colony led by Thoduvil Abdullah Haji approached councillor Subramanian with a request to dig a well. Abudullah Haji has donated the land to dig well.

The municipality has completed the tender formalities by estimating Rs 4 lakh in 2016-17 project. But the contractor has not completed the work even after starting the work last year.

Thus, Subramanian took up the mission with an aim to assure fresh water to the natives before the monsoon.

The Municipality estimated Rs 24 lakh for the main line work of the well. Thus, Subramanian approached the government requesting to release the fund.

According to the councillor, he will successfully complete the work by next week.

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