Consuming Radish might reduce chances for heart diseases and stroke

Tokyo: Consuming carrots, onions and broccoli are advisable, and radish now forms the newest to be among the heart-healthy vegetable as per the researchers. According to the research findings, Sakurajima Daikon, or monster radish is able to protect coronary blood vessels which lead to the prevention from heart disease and stroke, says Katsuko Kajiya, eminent researcher from Kagoshima University in Japan.

Radishes are generally better sources of antioxidants and reportedly able to reduce high blood pressure, threat of clots, and chances for heart attacks and stroke. But no studies have been come up with comparing the heart-health benefits of monster radishes with other radishes.

The study appeared in the journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry might lead to the discovery of similar components in other vegetables and lead to new drug treatments as per the researchers. The researchers have also identified trigonelline, a plant hormone which is an active component in monster radish that helps to promote a cascade of changes in coronary blood vessels which results in improved nitric oxide production.

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