Conductors to be removed from Ksrtc Scania in order to reduce loss

The conductors in KSRTC’s rented Scania buses will be removed in order to make the services profitable. The corporation will approach the government seeking exemption from Kerala Motor Vehicle Act to legalize the move. As per the present norms, conductors are mandatory in route buses (stage carriage).

90 percent tickets of long distance buses are reserved online and the only remaining few is distributed in bus. The arrival of bus is announced in depot and tickets will be distributed. The inspectors will be assigned to check the passengers examining the reservation chart and ticket.

Line inspectors are on duty in KSRTC units and depots where the long distance Scania buses have stops. If they are assigned the check-in duty, the salary of conductors can be saved. 10 buses, including drivers, have been hired. It has caused a loss of Rs 34.9 lakh from November to February.

Many other states have removed conductors in long distance buses. With advent of the online booking system, the hectic work of conductors has decreased. A conductor is given 4-5 duties on one trip. This also can be saved.

CCTV cameras will be set up in buses. This can prevent passengers from boarding the bus without ticket. As there is GPS facility, live update of bus route will be available in control room. The passengers can contact the 24 x 7 control room in case of any difficulties during the journey. They will pass a message to the driver. The problem can be solved by handing over the message to the depot and unit.

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