Collector to Mayor: Entire administration of Thrissur now manned by women army

Whatever women rights movements come, in India it is not at all a catwalk to bring gender equality in every walks of life. Especially in Indian administration and politics, where many females leaders are sidelined to less important posts.

However, its happy to find few determined female personalities came forward crossing all barriers and broken the glass ceiling by valiantly taking over roles once deemed to be male-only territories.

Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala now is headed by a all women army. The entire administration of the district from the Mayor to IAS, IPS officers are manned by women.

Lead by District Collector T V Anupama, this group of civic administrators and elected representatives in Thrissur include women holding all top posts including that of deputy district collector, mayor, deputy mayor, district panchayat president etc.

TV Anupama who set off a political storm in the state within weeks of her appointment in Alappuzha district as Collector, by reporting on the alleged land encroachment by Transport Minister Thomas Chandy, in violation of the Kerala Paddy and Wetland Act appointed as the District Collector of Thrissur.

During her stint as the head of the Food Safety Commissionerate, Anupama had conducted multiple raids in the state and banned a number of products, including several popular brands, for food adulteration.

Anupama’s deputy at the Thrissur collectorate is Dr. Renu Raj, an MBBS graduate who secured the second rank in the UPSC 2014 exam and emerged topper in the training program for the IAS probationary officers.

Current Thrissur Mayor Ajitha Jayarajan has been an active social worker for the past 33 years. Ajitha is the second woman mayor of Thrissur who had made the city her home after getting married.

Ajitha Jayarajan and deputy mayor Beena Murali led the Thrissur corporation.

Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), B Sandhya who was part of many sensational cases is the Director of Kerala Police Academy, with headquarters located at Ramavarmapuram in Thrissur.

Also, the district panchayat president of Thrissur is also a lady. Mary Thomas is heading this role since December last year.

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