CMO’s intervention; PSC to appoint camp followers

The chief minister’s office has issued a directive to urgently formulate rules to entrust the appointments of camp followers in the police with the Public Service Commission (PSC). The Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department is engaged in the efforts to finalize the rules within a period of one month.

The government had earlier, in 2011, given the task of appointing camp followers to the PSC. However, the PSC could not make any appointments as special rules were not framed. At present, the camp followers are posted through employment exchanges or selected on a temporary basis.

After the special rules come into force, the appointments will be done by the PSC. The plight of camp followers came to the limelight after allegations were raised that they were forced to engage in domestic work at the houses of senior police officers. The camp followers’ association also had demanded that their appointments should take the PSC route.

A circular of the Administrative Reforms Department had listed the guidelines for framing the special rules back in 2007 itself. The new rules are being finalized with this document as the main reference point. Suggestions from the department heads are also considered for the purpose. In addition, discussions will be held with employees’ organizations to elicit their views.

The draft rules will be examined by an official panel and forwarded to the Law Department. The rules will be finalized after obtaining clearance from the PSC. A notification will be issued after the rules go through the subject committee.

Officials of the Administrative Reforms Department told that the draft rules for appointment of camp followers already existed and the present efforts were aimed at introducing timely amendments.

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