China and Nepal to buil railway connecting both countries

It seems that everything between China and Nepal has sort out. The relationship between both countries is reportedly going well. According to reports China and Nepal have agreed to build a railway.
The railway will be connecting Tibet with Kathmandu. The decision was made in Nepali prime minister’s visit to Beijing..

Nepal is seeking closer ties and much-needed energy and infrastructure investment from China, which has flexed greater economic and diplomatic muscle in its Himalayan neighbour in recent years.

Beijing’s growing presence has raised hackles in Nepal’s traditional ally India. The two countries signed more than 10 “cooperative documents” on Thursday during Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s trip to China, according to the China Daily.

The new rail route will link Nepal’s capital with the Gyirong trading port in the Tibetan city of Xigaze, according to the China Daily, citing a Chinese vice foreign minister.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told Oli on Thursday he hoped that the two countries would begin negotiations on a free trade agreement “as early as possible”, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

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