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The dream job; For sleeping NASA will pay 11 lakhs

Rs 11 lakh seems like quite the package deal, especially if your job literally entails long hours of sleep – 70 long dreamy days, to be precise. Most of us could actually do with some more sleep and the thought that someone would pay us to do that is just a tad bit overwhelming. *Wipes […]

Its not joke; Dracula was right on blood transfusions

It seems that the famed Dracula may actually have been on to something when he drank the blood of young maidens. While a lot of companies have been tinkering with transfusions of blood from younger adults to treat age-related diseases, a leading geneticist at University College London has now come out in support, insisting those […]

Sex in Public place is no longer offence in Mexico

The couple can make love in public place in Mexico. Yes, what you read is right. Having sex in a public place is no longer offense in Mexico untill the other’s complain. According to a report published in The Sun, officials in Guadalajara have ruled that “sexual intercourse or acts of exhibitionism of a sexual […]

How the bride should be; IIT Banaras designs crash course

The IIT in the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is developing a new three-month crash course specially designed for new brides! The course supposedly prepares women for marriage but the venerable university does not seem to think that a similar course should be designed for men. The new course for the new brides called ‘Daughters’ Pride […]