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Blue light from digital gadgets cause severe damage to eye sight; says researchers

Washington: Researches say, the blue light from digital gadgets including smart phones would trigger blindness. The exposure to blue light on a constant basis might lead to the entering of poisonous molecules into eye’s light-sensitive cells which later pave the way for macular degeneration according to the research carried out at University of Toledo in […]

Who will win the Samsung Vs Xiaomi smartphone war

Smartphone users in India are a confused lot after market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) on Monday crowned Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi with a market share of 29.7 per cent and placed Samsung in the second spot with a share of 23.9 per cent. Earlier, two global research firms — Hong Kong-based Counterpoint Research […]

New Android version, ‘Pie,’ rolls out on Pixel phones

The next version of Google’s Android system will be called Pie. It will use artificial intelligence to adapt to how you use the device. For instance, Android will set screen brightness by studying your manual adjustments, rather than automatically switching to a certain level based on ambient light. Google names its Android versions after sweet […]

Mi 8: Xiaomi s premium smartphone expected to be out on may31

Xiaomi’s new flagship phone is going to be unveiled on May 31. The smartphone, which is called Xiaomi Mi 8, marks the company’s eighth anniversary. The successor to last year’s Mi 6, Xiaomi’s new phone is expected to come with top-of-the-line specifications and the latest MIUI 10 operating system. The smartphone is also likely to […]