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Kerala nuns hit the streets, demand action against accused bishop

A group of nuns took to the streets in Kerala’s Kochi on Saturday protesting the delay in action against Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulakkal who is accused of sexually exploiting a nun. Holding placards and banners, the nuns, along with activists, staged a sit-in at the High Court junction in the city, saying they had been […]

Qatar agrees abolition of exit visa system

  Qatar has approved legislation to scrap controversial exit visas which require all foreign workers to obtain their employers’ permission to leave the country, according to official statements published Tuesday. There are some two million foreign workers in Qatar, many employed directly or indirectly on vast infrastructure projects for the football World Cup, which will […]

Now they can live freely: Madhusudanan and family is finally free

The story of Indo- Srilanan family who has stuck in UAE came out a few days before. The family of seven was “living like prisoners” in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Several people came forward with job offers and assistance from the Indian mission. Officials of India’s Consulate in Dubai approached the family in Sharjah […]

UAE announces three-month amnesty for illegal residents

The United Arab Emirates has announced a three-month amnesty asking illegal residents to either leave the country without penalty or regularise their visas. The amnesty period will start from August 1. The last amnesty was announced by UAE in 2013, in which 62,000 illegal residents, either regularised their documents or left the country. The amnesty […]

Over 4 Lakh Indians May Have To Wait 151 Years For Green Card

Indians with advanced degrees may have to wait for over 150 years for a green card which authorises them to live and work in the US permanently, according to projections by a think-tank. The new calculation on the Green card wait period by Cato Institute, a Washington-based think-tank, comes after the US Citizenship and Immigration […]

Meet Ajimol Pradip; The Kerala nurse who got British royal Honour

Ajimol Pradip, the Malayali nurse who has been creating awareness among the Asians in London about the significance of organ donation for almost a decade, has been honoured with the prestigious British Empire Medal. It is awarded for the meritorious services and is recognised by the monarch. Ajimol had earlier won the ‘Nurse of the […]