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Are you a person speaking more? then you have better love lifes

With availability of more platforms to meet new people, many are trying to figure out how to improve their love life or chances on the dating scene. Although most people work on grooming and enhancing their personality, how one communicates remains crucial. Findings of a new study show that men who speak faster have better […]

4 Healthy Ingredients That Can Help You Manage Your Weight

For most of us, it is a constant struggle to keep a check on our weight. We are always promising ourselves to follow a healthy diet, cut down drastically on certain food ingredients, workout dedicatedly and lead an active life. But somewhere down the line, we tend to give up and pile up on the […]

Wife refused to have sex; Man shot their child in point blank

A man, high on drinks and drugs shot his six-month old baby son in teh chest becasue his wife refused him sex, say police. The man in questions, Maycon Salustiano Silva, 25, was arrested and charged with killing his child after arguing with his 20-year-old wife, in Brazil. The baby, Michel was pronounced dead whe […]

Couple goals; Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas photos is viral

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have been giving us couple-goals and have dominated the world of social media too with their PDA. Recently, the power couple who got engaged in Mumbai were spotted with their friends in LA post a romantic date. In the pictures which have gone viral on the internet, you can see […]

Greenhouse gas emissions from Indian paddy fields very high

Rice farming across the world could be responsible for up to twice the level of climate impact relative to what was previously estimated, according to a study conducted in India. The study, published in PNAS, found that intermittently flooded rice farms can emit 45 times more nitrous oxide as compared to the maximum from continuously […]

When music is meditation

Stress seems to dog everyone these days — from young children to the elderly. Sangeetha Ramprasad comes to their rescue, bridging the world of Carnatic music with meditation, the art of stilling/calming the mind. Sangeetha had her initial training from her mother, vainika Revathi Srinivasan, an A-Top Grade artiste of AIR Chennai. Tutelage continued under […]

Starting Your Day With Tulsi Leaves May Do Wonders For Weight Loss

India and our wealth of healing herbs has attracted global interest since time immemorial. One such herb is Tulsi or the holy basil. People often plant tulsi in their backyard and balconies, and make use of the leaves in a number of ways. Tulsi is used extensively in Ayurveda for managing a variety of conditions. […]

Dia Mirza Launches An Anthology Of Poems

The book’s author has her husband to thank for being the inspiration behind the book. She proudly proclaimed being a nature lover, being born and brought up in the hills. She found an expression in poetry for the feelings inside of her, which gave birth to this anthology of 63 poems. Akanksha feels it is […]

Sanju Samson To Tie The Knot In December

Cricketer Sanju Samson announced on Sunday that he will be marrying his college classmate, Charu, in December this year. Sanju Samson uploaded a picture with his fiance on his official Facebook account and made the announcement. Charu’s father B Ramesh Kumar told IANS that the marriage would be held on December 22. The picture is […]