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Emotional Intelligence in Organisational Behaviour

Emotional intelligence represents an ability to perceive, control and evaluate one’s emotions and to use emotions to enhance thought. Emotional Intelligence is an increasingly relevant to organisational effectiveness and developing employees. It is expected that the modern leader coordinates and facilitates the work of his subordinates by creating and maintaining a constructive and supportive atmosphere […]

IIIT-Hyderabad students gets big offers

Seven students of the International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIIT-H) have bagged positions in reputed international firms ahead of their convocation ceremony to be held on Saturday.  For the graduating batch of students (2018), apart from usual placement companies like Facebook and Google, companies like Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg and have also made lucrative […]

How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

What motivates employees? Only one-third of employees are engaged at work, and more than half are actively searching for new job opportunities. Could it be that half of workers are underpaid and looking for more lucrative jobs? That’s possible, but the fact that two out of three employees are disengaged points to deeper, cultural issues […]