Calling Flipkart Customer care, Man Gets BJP membership

A Football Fan ordered for two sets of headphones from Flipkart as he doesn’t want to disturb his family members while watching the FIFA World Cup 2018 which is currently happening in Russia. He received a rude shock upon opening the package delivered to him by the e-commerce giant. Why because, There was no headphones in it. All he could find is a bottle of oil.

Upset with the wrong delivery, The Customer dialed the number appearing on the package to lodge a complaint. Call got disconnected after a single ring. When he was about to hit the redial, A message appeared on his mobile screen with the text ‘Welcome To BJP. Your Primary Membership No. is 20003994351’. He was asked to provide his Email and Voter ID to complete the process.

Then, The Customer dialed 1800 266 1001 again and received the same message. He asked his Friends to dial the number and they too got the same result. Finally, The number printed on the package belongs to BJP.

The next morning, The Football Fan received a call from Flipkart and he was asked to use the oil or throw it away. He was assured that only one of the two headphones will be delivered to him due to limited stock and money will be refunded for the other one.

Flipkart clarified the number printed on tape used for packing was given up by it 3 years ago. It adds, Using old packing tape could have led to this situation.

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