Bunking class is going to be a huge task; Govt schools to implement App to check bunk

The district panchayat will soon implement mobile applications in government schools to monitor students bunking classes.

The name of the app is ‘Edumia’. It is a comprehensive online institutional management system designed especially for schools and colleges.

The parents would know what their wards do after they see them off to school.

The ‘Edumia’ app opens wide scope for learning also. Question papers, study materials, virtual classes, online exams and also anti-drug counselling are also provided through this app.

By the end of September, the mobile numbers of all the government high school and higher secondary school parents in the district will be linked to the app. The app will come into force from October 1. The app is prepared in coordination with the comprehensive education scheme ‘Educare’.

The app was installed last year in five government schools on a trial basis. As it was reported a success, the government decided to extend it to more schools.

The estimated amount for the programme is Rs 8 lakh. It will be implemented in 44 government high schools and higher secondary schools. An admin will be selected from each schools and will be given training. They will in turn provide training to other teachers in the schools.

The admins will add the name and mobile numbers of the parents and students in the app. This will be completed soon. Then the parents will also be given a day’s training.

‘Edumia’ app was designed by Ubisky Technologies based in Kozhikode. It will be installed in the parents’ mobile phones. They will be updated with the attendance, late entry details and also library usage from time-to-time.

When the app was installed on a trial basis itself changes started to arise in the way students come to school. The attendance level increased for students and they began coming for classes on time, said programme co-ordinater UK Abdunassar.

The app will also provide sample question papers and study materials prepared by institutions like DIAT. There will also be videos available to make the learning easier. Two studios have been setup in Kozhikode and Vadakara for this purpose. The experienced teachers from DIAT will be handling the classes.

Model exams could be written online. There is also space for parents to add suggestions. Though the app is designed especially for government schools, many aided schools have also come forward demanding access. Around 15 schools have raised the demand. The district panchayat said that if the schools would manage the expenditure then they are ready to provide the same.

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