Bike riders with fake helmets to be booked

The motor transport department has tightened checks on helmets, the top district official here said. People wearing bowl caps and similar fake helmets will not escape penalty. Many women on Kerala roads are seen wearing such caps.

Two-wheeler drivers need to wear helmets as mandated, preferably those with glasses in front as vision is hindered during rains when water drops fall into the eyes of the rider. Fake helmets, often of low quality and price, do not offer any protection in an accident as they have been found breaking into pieces along with the skull.

Palakkad regional transport officer T C Vineesh said checks on all vehicles have been tightened. Licences are being cancelled if serious lapses are found.

Over 100 licenses are being suspended on an average every month in Palakkad district over violations like talking on the mobile phone while driving, overspeeding, excess load, dangerous driving, accidents, deaths, lack of security etc. The count was 135 in January, 172 in February, 130 in March, 139 in April, and 154 in May.

Riding two-wheelers with an open umbrella is strictly forbidden. Even a slow moving two-wheeler is exposed to the risk of accident if an open umbrella slips out of hold from wind from the opposite direction and topples the driver and the pillion rider.

The officer said such cases were ignored until now as families were often found using them on their rides. However, in future cases will be filed, to ensure the safety of the families.

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