Author: Athira

Roshan Andrrews is now all set to enter Bollywood after Jeethu Joseph

It’s time for Roshan Andrrews to try his luck in Bollywood film industry soon after Drishyam director Jeethu Joseph’s Bollywood entry along with Emraan Hashmi and Rishi Kapoor. Roshan Andrrews has put signature in Mollywood industry with his debut blockbuster Udayananu Tharam starring Mohanlal is now getting ready for his Bollywood debut. Roshan had revealed […]

Consuming Radish might reduce chances for heart diseases and stroke

Tokyo: Consuming carrots, onions and broccoli are advisable, and radish now forms the newest to be among the heart-healthy vegetable as per the researchers. According to the research findings, Sakurajima Daikon, or monster radish is able to protect coronary blood vessels which lead to the prevention from heart disease and stroke, says Katsuko Kajiya, eminent […]

Turmeric powder is able to fight cancer; says studies

Bengaluru: A group of Indian-American researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) and at the University of Utah at Salt Lake City has used a clever process to enable curcumin to kill cancer cells. Curcumin persist as the major ingredient of turmeric, the common component which adds flavour and colour to Indian […]

Actor Amala Paul got into trouble while shooting

The dashing actor Amala Paul got injured while shooting for her upcoming Tamil flick Adho Antha Paravai Pola here in Chennai. Amala was performing a stunt sequence without the aid of a body double and the accident occurred when she twisted her arm. The actor was rushed to a hospital in Chennai and later shifted […]

Majority of the engineering seats remain vacant in Kerala

Kochi: 76 percent of the engineering seats in the self-financing colleges of Kerala are remaining vacant as per the media reports. This forms an opportunity for the candidates those who do not crack through the entrance examination in getting admission to these colleges. The vacant seat has been categorized as NRI quota in order to […]

Immense popularity for duck farming at home among Keralites

Kochi: Duck farming at home is attaining wider popularity in Kerala. The possibilities of this farming is quite profitable even when five to ten ducks are being grown at home. The ducks can be feed on the foods in measurable quantity which makes the farming cost effective. They will feed on the food remains that […]

Blue light from digital gadgets cause severe damage to eye sight; says researchers

Washington: Researches say, the blue light from digital gadgets including smart phones would trigger blindness. The exposure to blue light on a constant basis might lead to the entering of poisonous molecules into eye’s light-sensitive cells which later pave the way for macular degeneration according to the research carried out at University of Toledo in […]

Department of Agriculture might come up with vegetable parks for Kerala

Kochi: The Department of Agriculture Development and Farmer’s Welfare is in a mission to come up with coconut, banana, mango, honey and vegetable parks across the State. The project which has been allocated with Rs. 100 crore would be implemented under the scheme of Kerala Infrastructural Investment Fund Board (KIIFB). Banana, honey and coconut parks […]

Manju Warrier soon going to be the face of State Literacy Mission

Kochi: Manju Warrier, the lady super star of Malayalam Cinema is soon going be the good will ambassador of Kerala State Literacy Mission apparently. The actor takes pride for this opportunity and she have decided to become the goodwill ambassador as part of social work without any remuneration. “Literacy mission provides an opportunity for people […]