Attempts to block opportunities in cinema after Quitting A.M.M.A; Remya Nambeesan

After quitting A.M.M.A, there has been attempts to suppress me and block my opportunities in movies, said actress Remya Nambeesan. She was speaking at a function organised by All India Lawyers Union in Kochi. She also demanded to solve the issues faced by the actors who resigned from the movie artists’ association.

“I resigned from A.M.M.A after seeing the irresponsible approach of the association. Don’t imagine that whatever I say is against men. We have some issues and we are saying it collectively. After quitting the association, there has been some insecurities like unavailability of opportunities, attempts to supress. There are also allegations that I am a trouble maker and shouldn’t be casted in films. Amidst all these, we are saying that we have a problem that need to be solved,” said Remya.

She also clarified that WCC is not an association against men.

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