Army, police help rebuild washed-away bridge

The army and local people joined hands to build a makeshift walkway linking the panchayats of Chokkad and Kalikavu after the collapse of the Venthodanpadi Muthanthandu bridge across the local river in the hilly terrain of rain-hit Malappuram last week.

The bridge got washed away on Sunday following a landslide in the region. Army and police officers reached the spot by Tuesday morning and started rebuilding the bridge.

Logs of coconut and areca palms were placed horizontally above flat wooden planks to build the structure. Local people also lent a helping hand in building the walkway that has replaced the bridge.

The spot was visited by state minister K T Jaleel and legislators P V Anwar and A P Anilkumar besides district collector Amit Meena. All of them had assured prompt help to the local people.

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