AR Rahman appointed has Sikkim’s new Brand Ambassador

Music legend AR Rahman has been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of the Sikkim government. regarding the appointment Sikkim chief secretary A K Srivastava has issued a notification .It says that, as the brand ambassador, Rahman will promote and project the state’s achievements nationally and globally.

Sikkim, with its natural and pristine beauty has emerged as a world famous eco-tourism destination. The state government had earlier this year made Rahman its Brand Ambassador of tourism and business at the onset of ‘The Red Panda Winter Carnival 2018’, which aimed at increasing the flow of tourists by promoting the state’s bounty. After receiving the honour, Rahman said that he felt fortunate to be the face of a state which is not just visually but also culturally beautiful.

A R Rahman had said in a statement. “The beauty of Sikkim doesn’t only lie in its hills and valleys but in its feelings and culture as well. I am highly impressed by the State’s development and mesmerizing culture. I’m honoured to be the face of this beautiful state.Rahman’s appointment as brand ambassador is expected to be boosting the tourism of the state because of his global reach and paramount.

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