Minister AK Balan gets applause for the apparel project in Attappady; A new development model by Govt

Another milestone has been set in the development of Attapadi by the Kerala government. The government has started Apparel park as a solution of unemployment among Scheduled tribe womens in the region. With an aim of providing permanent job to them an hightec dress making unit has been inaugurated by Minister AK Balan.

women empowerment has been primary concern of the Government and it will provide training for the adivasi women and they will be appointed in the apparel park itself. The park has be established with the motto the development of adivasi villages through women empowerment The dresses made here will be marketed.

The apparel park is designed has a training centre and a production unit. In the First phase an training unit is been started with a project cost of 255 lakhs. Among the 500 applications in the first phase 250 where selected for the training. women gets trained here will be given food and travel allowance in the training period. In the present era fashion technology is opening doors to many opportunities and kerala government is using this for the development of attappady.

The selected 250 women will be given training on modern ways of designing and manufacturing of dresses. The training is for a period of six months and it will specify on ornamentation of dress that is inclusive of other states too. The apparel park projects is making an attempt to export the dresses made her and the training is given on that purpose.

The training includes study tour, factory visits and Screen printing technology, quality and packing, business management, marketing are also part of the training. Expert professionals are been deployed for the training. The State SC/st ministry aims to secure the lives of Adivasi women by making a path for them to earn high income.

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