After Sri Reddy Now MAA in controversy on US program

The Movie Artistes Association (MAA) was started for the well-being of all the actors in the industry, and to solve their problems. Most recently, the association was in the news for rejecting controversial actress Sri Reddy’s membership.

Now, a source informs that during a recent US tour, differences arose between the members of the MAA. It all began after MAA organised an event in the US to raise funds, for which Chiranjeevi was the chief guest. However, some of the members apparently questioned the way the event was organised.

The source reveals that MAA asked a private event manager to organise the event after paying some amount to the association.

“They made an agreement wherein the event management company would pay Rs 1 crore to the MAA, following which the former would organise the event,” says the source.

The heartburn seems to have set in after that. “Despite getting more than Rs 5 crore in the US, the event management company didn’t pay anything extra to MAA,” adds the source.

It also emerged that some of the MAA members, including two senior actors had invested in the event management company and coolly pocketed a couple of crores!

“This came out recently and now, the other members are demanding to know the truth,” says the source, adding, “It’s a big topic in the film industry, but the senior actors have asked everyone not to talk about it. If the public comes to know, MAA will get a very bad name.”

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