Adv. B A Aloor approaches Dileep for his film industry entry venture

Criminal lawyer Adv. B. A. Aloor who gained notoriety by taking up controversial cases as per reports is planning to make an entry into film industry. The estimated budget of the movie is Rs 10 crore. Also there are reports that actor Dileep also will partner in the production of the movie. Story and direction will be handled by Salim India. Adv. Aloor will prepare the screenplay and dialogues. Aloor also will play a character of his own name in the film.

Thrissur native Adv. Biju Antony Aloor, who is a Mumbai based lawyer, represents Soumya murder case accused Govindachamy and Jisha murder case accused Ameerul Islam in the court. He was the lawyer of Pulsar Suni, who is the main accused in the sensational actress abduction case in Kochi. He withdrew from representing Suni in the case the other day.

Aloor says that it will be thriller film in the backdrop of a murder. He said that he would raise Rs 5 crore in the name of the production company in which he is the managing director and the remaining Rs 5 crore is expected to receive through the partnership of Dileep. He added that he had approached Mammootty for the movie and that he expects Dileep will appear in a guest role.

Adv. Aloor revealed that the film crew have approached Vidya Balan and Anushka Shetty to appear in guest roles in the film and that they are also considering Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. Soumya murder case and Jisha murder case which shook the entire nation are mentioned in the backdrop of the movie. The initial works of the movie is under progress.

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