Abhimanyu killer gang had precise tasks assigned for each

The police team investigating the murder of Students Federation of India (SFI) leader Abhimanyu at the Maharaja’s College here say each one in the killer gang had clearly specified tasks for the well-charted crime. Six of those arrested over the July 2 pre-dawn murder have revealed the tasks they were handed.

The murder wasn’t the result of a sudden provocation, but was carried out from a meticulously premeditated plot. The police also claim clues about the co-ordinators.

While the real killers are still on the run, those arrested have been identified to have supported the crime in different ways.

Interrogation of three accused remanded to custody by the court is continuing, as also the gathering of evidence.

The police continued a search of suspected hideouts Sunday and the officers reviewed the progress of the investigation in the evening.

A city auto rickshaw driver who told that four of the accused had travelled to Thoppumpady in his vehicle after the murder has recognised two of them from CCTV visuals. The driver, who wished to remain unidentified, is a key witness and the police had gathered evidence from him.

‘It was at around 1am that the four-member gang hailed my auto for a ride to Thevara,’ the driver says. ‘One of them wasn’t wearing a shirt. They told me there was some minor scuffle among those watching the World Cup match.

‘They looked scared and asked me to take them to Thoppumpady. Except for the shirtless man, the others wore T shirts. All of them were under 25.

‘They got down at Thoppumpady and walked towards a flat complex. Looked like they were familiar with the place, probably lived there,’ he said.

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