A village that Bans women from Using mobile phones and wearing jeans

A village just three hours from Delhi bans women from wearing jeans and using mobile phones. The Khap panchayat of saipur Khedi village in Haryana has this unofficial law. The local leaders of the village say that women will mis use mobile.

The ban was imposed on women one year before saying girls have started eloped from the village. The village head stopped girls from using mobile phones or wearing jeans, saying it’s a step taken for the better.

“This is completely wrong; the problem is in the mentality of men, not in the clothes we wear. How can they judge the character of a woman from the clothes she wears?”ANI quoted a girl living in the village.

“Khap panchayats” in Haryana are known for such ridiculous acts. They issue such orders to women, harassing couples, particularly women in name of family’s honour for entering into inter-caste marriages.

The Supreme Court in 2013 had banned Khap panchayats. But at the same time Haryana government had issued a similar order to all the school teachers in the state two years ago asking teachers not to wear jeans to school

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